Terms of Service

By signing up for and using any of Goldbyte services you agree to be bound by all Goldbyte terms and conditions of service.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Last Updated: 2019-07-01

'We' or 'Goldbyte' refers to Martin Falkus and the collection of services personally offered to you by Martin Falkus from goldbyte.co.uk

'You' refers to any user(s) and customer(s) of our services

Goldbyte is a UK based service, in addition to our terms and conditions of service you also agree to abide by all UK Legislation (found at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/).

URLs in the terms of service are correct at the time of writing.


  • Our services are offered to you as a 1 month contract at the time you place your order.
  • Your contract will automatically renew at the end of the time period unless terminated.
  • If a contract is terminated the remaining length of time shall not be refunded.
  • Contracts can be terminated by submitting a support ticket to Goldbyte, this must be submitted at least 7 days before the end of your contract.
  • Goldbyte reserves the right to suspend and cancel your contract if any of our Terms and Conditions of Service are breached or if any element of UK legislation is breached.


  • Your payment shall be in UK Pounds Sterling transferred via Credit/Debit card payment via Stripe every time you renew your contract with us.
  • If your payment is declined by your bank, card holder or Stripe it is your responsibility to solve the problem before payment is due.
  • Goldbyte reserves the right to suspend services if payment is not received in full on time.
  • If prices and contracts are updated you shall be notified via the email address associated with your account.
  • Your payment details should be kept up to date at all times to ensure successful payments.
  • You shall not receive any paper invoices or information. All invoices and communication will be sent electronically via the email address associated with your account.
  • Stripe payments are subject to Stripe's terms and conditions of service, all data sent through Stripe's servers is independent of Goldbyte and therefore Goldbyte does not process any payments or card details on its own servers and is not liable for payment problems on PayPal or Stripe.
  • If a chargeback is made Goldbyte shall suspend all services until payment plus a £20 administration charge is received.
  • Our prices and services may change at any time.

Your Personal Information

  • You are required to keep your personal information up to date at all times.
  • You are required to keep your contact information up to date at all times, including email address.
  • You are required to have a unique and strong password protecting each aspect of our services.
  • Goldbyte’s Privacy Policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you agree that Goldbyte can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Acceptable Use

  • Goldbyte reserves the right to refuse access to our services if we are not happy with your use of our services, if our terms of service, one of our partner's terms of service, or UK legislation is breached, if we receive a request for us to refuse your access.
  • You shall report any misuse of our services to us.

Uptime, Data and Security

  • We aim to keep our service uptime above 99%, however you agree our uptime may range anywhere between 0% and 100%, our services are provided "as is" with no warranty.
  • We aim to contact customers if we are made aware of anything such as scheduled maintenance which may affect uptime, however this is not always possible and such events are often unpredictable.
  • We reserve the right to move your data between servers without notice although we will aim to give notice where possible.
  • We aim to perform maintenance and tweaks on our servers at off peak times according to the current time in England, this is essential for our services to continue to operate smoothly.
  • We cannot be found liable for any loss of service at any time, our services are provided on a personal level and you accept that risk.
  • We cannot be held liable for any data loss, backups are entirely your responsibility.
  • We cannot be held liable for any losses including but not limited to electronic losses, financial losses, personal losses, professional losses or physical losses that were caused by the use of our services.
  • If we are found liable the maximum payment to you shall not exceed the fee you paid to us in the current month of your contract.
  • It is your own responsibility to ensure your own equipment is operating correctly, this includes the network link between you and us
  • .
  • 'Acts of God' are out of our control and we cannot be held responsible for their effect.
  • We will comply with Government and third party requests and cannot be held responsible for disruption and losses in doing so.
  • Your customer control panel must be accessed securely using https.


  • All support requests should be made via the support email address, available in the footer of every page once you have logged in.
  • We aim to respond to support requests within 24 hours, however we cannot promise this service and your support requests may not be responded to in a timely fashion.
  • We prioritise our requests, high priority requests should be responded to within 24 hours, low priority or complex requests may take a week or more to answer during busier months.
  • We do not provide phone support.

External Links and Services

  • We may have external links and services on our website and control panels, we are not responsible for the websites and services offered and any information you send to the websites or services is out of our control.

Your data protection rights

  • We are compliant with all Data Protection policies in the UK. We are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was introduced 25th May 2018.
  • You can request to be sent an export of the personal information we hold about you in a secure portable format. We provide a self service portal for you to perform your own exports, anything not provided for export from the portal can be requested by contacting support.
  • If you request information which is unfounded or excessive we may request a reasonable fee deal with the request, or refuse to deal with your request.
  • We provide a Privacy Policy which explains what data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it.


  • We do not offer refunds for ending contracts early, the remaining length of time shall not be refunded.

Enforcement of these terms

  • We will enforce these terms by giving a warning after any breaches when appropriate. We follow up warnings with harsher action when needed. We will only suspend services when it is a serious or repetitive breach. If you breach any UK Legislation we will report the breach to the authorities.
  • We may take any appropriate action in response to these terms being breached.

Amendments to this document

  • We aim to notify you via email of amendments made to this document, if you disagree with any changes made you will be permitted to request a termination of your account.