Kazoo Call Stats for OneVoice

Extract useful business intelligence from your SmartPBX call data.
Kazoo Call Stats integrates seamlessly with Qunifi's OneVoice PBX to process call data into a rich, live-updating SQL database ready for integration with PowerBI and other tools.

Kazoo Call Stats integrates via webhooks and the OneVoice HTTP API. The basic call data output by OneVoice is augmented with information about the user, device, group and callflow for both the caller and callee as it happens. This creates a rich and query-able dataset for useful metrics.

Easily query for:

  • Number of calls made per user per day
  • Number of calls answered per user per day
  • How many calls go unanswered
  • Average duration of calls
  • Which groups are handling the most calls
  • How fast are users answering the phone
  • Which calls are most often transferred or diverted
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  Kazoo Call Stats Dashboard Beta

Looking for a web dashboard instead of a database connector? Join our beta users for early access to Kazoo Call Stats Dashboard.



£19 / mo

  • Support for 10 SmartPBX users
  • 3 SmartPBX groups
  • 3 months of data
  • Email support
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£45 / mo

  • Support for all SmartPBX users and groups included
  • 6 months of data
  • Priority email support
  • Optional external database connector
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From £99 / mo

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Priority support
  • Bespoke call scenario analysis
  • Support creating PowerBI dashboard
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