Web Development

Goldbyte has worked on a wide variety of web development projects since 2008.

We specialise in WordPress and have successfully completed projects that range from bespoke themes and plugins to migrating high-traffic live e-commerce websites to new servers.

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We also offer monthly WordPress check-ups. This service looks at outstanding updates your site might require and checks there are no conflicts in applying the updates. Find out more

Can I Edit My Site?

Can I Edit My Site? is a tool that checks if a website is built using software that allows content updates and amends.

If the site is static, and therefore it isn't possible to make amends easily, the website in question can be converted to alow edits. This allows website owners who are stuck with fixed, out-of-date content on their website to take control and make amends and updates.

Converting the static HTML code of the website into a WordPress theme, owners can make amends themselves and also create the path to future site upgrades in the form of plugins.